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A futuristic environment for your browser-based JS apps

Instant deployments, framework agnostic rendering, and powerful content delivery.

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Teach a dev to fish

How we enable teams to ship modern frontends fast

October 23rd, 2020

How we power JS sites with Sanity CMS and Spirit Fish

Want a Headless CMS & great SEO? Sanity CMS and Spirit Fish are a match made in Atlantis.

October 17th, 2020

Why we're betting on Serverless-side Rendering

Call us old fashioned, but we don't like to crack a walnut with a sledgehammer. If our project runs in the browser, then it should run everywhere, plain and simple.

Works with your favorite frontend tools & frameworks

Why use Spirit Fish?

Deployments, JS rendering, and content delivery without the hassle.

Crawlable SEO & Metatags

No need to lock in to a specific technology or spend tons of time to make sure your site is SEO-friendly.

No Code Changes Required

No need to refactor your code to make your website crawlable. Quickly make changes in our dashboard.

Quick Cache Invalidation & API

Invalidate your cache in the dashboard, or via our API, so that crawlers always get your site's most up-to-date information.

CDN Backed Static Asset Hosting

When someone accesses your domain, we'll pull the assets from your hosting URL, render, and cache the output on the fly!

Uses Inline Critical CSS

Your users won't see a flash of unstyled content in the time it takes to load your first CSS file.

Supports XHR Caching

Optionally capture your in-page requests at the time of render to avoid your end users making double requests for unchanged resources.


Stop worrying and start building.

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Automatic GZIP & Brotli

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Native HTTP2 Support

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Google AMP Rendering Out of the Box

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Automatic CSS & Script tag deferring

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43 CDN POPs across 29 countries

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Free for low traffic projects

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Only pay for what you use

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Custom Header Overrides

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True Redirects (301)

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True Status Codes (404)

Developers love Spirit Fish

22,193,650 pages rendered, and counting...

Committed to Carbon Removal

We contribute 1% of all revenue to fund the removal of CO₂ from the atomosphere.

Get 30 render minutes and 5GB of bandwidth each month for free.

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